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With immense excitement, we announce a special treat to launch us into 2024: the Dutch "Transhumanism Collective" will be joining us in our 11th episode, showcasing the diverse facets of Electro, delivering 2 DJ sets by Slaves of Sinus and RXmode and a hybrid act by TFHats.

Prepare yourself for a sonic odyssey with the Transhumanism Collective – an innovative and versatile Dutch electro project born in 2016, curated by the passionate and talented artists Robert Snelten, a.k.a Slaves of Sinus, Ronald Hustings, a.k.a RXmode, Camiel Munier, a.k.a TFHats, and the late Wibo Lammerts, a.k.a w1b0. As each artist paints a unique stroke on the canvas of the Electro genre, let us provide you with a brief introduction to each of them.

Slaves of Sinus

As a DJ, Slaves of Sinus takes us on an expansive journey through the history of Electro.
Paying respect to the 80s, where the original pioneers forged the path by blending elements of funk and early hip-hop to create the unique genre we know today, Robert will play a homage to the visionaries who laid the foundation for the electrifying soundscapes we now cherish.
This is evident in his highly acclaimed productions, being released or licensed for labels like Bass Agenda, TRESOR, Diffuse Reality and Urban Connections, where he transports the origins of Electro into the present to collide with obsessive rhythms and distorted sound structures.

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TFHats is known for his more melodic and melancholic Electro tracks with hints of 80's synth wave, creating moods and atmosphere.
His productions demonstrate a masterful skill in seamlessly intertwining melancholic harmonies with emotive melodies. His distinct voice serves as an emotive anchor, adding a personal touch to the sonic tapestry.
This unique blend showcases not only his musical prowess but also reveals a profound sensitivity, a delicate quality that appears shielded by a solid fortress of beats. The result is a captivating fusion where the strength of rhythm meets the tender nuances of emotion, creating a sound that is both powerful and intimately expressive.
TFHats is also part of the Bass Agenda record label, where you can find his releases.

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RXmode, a seasoned producer and skilled DJ architects a shadowy and underground ambience within the electro-music landscape. His signature style is marked by enigmatic sounds and profound, dramatic vibes, transforming each of his tracks into immersive and futuristic experiences. The depth of his sonic explorations plunges listeners into uncharted territories, where pulsating beats resonate with an almost hypnotic allure.
In the realm of electro, RXmode's creations stand as a testament to his ability to conjure a mysterious energy that captivates audiences and propels them into a sonic journey beyond the conventional boundaries of the genre. His work, a fusion of innovation and sonic storytelling, cements RXmode's status as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.
With a continual evolution of sound and a growing following, you can expect more from RXmode shortly. Find his releases on labels such as Bass Agenda Recordings, Mannequin Records and Elektrodos Recordings.

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Wibo Lammerts a.k.a w1b0 was a Dutch producer and DJ who sadly passed away in August 2022 in his hometown near Utrecht / NL. He was a talented producer and artist with releases on labels like Hilltown Disco, Discos Atonicos, and Bass Agenda Recordings.
But Wibo was way more than just a talent; he was a gentle spirit whose down-to-earth demeanour endeared him to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
His contributions to the Transhumanism Collective reflected not only his musical prowess but also the camaraderie and genuine joy he brought to the group. He was a soul who graced the lives of so many with love, kindness, warmth, and an infectious sense of humour. Wibo Lammerts, a figure cherished in the music scene, Transhumanism Collective, and within the embrace of his friends and family, left behind an irreplaceable void.
Rest in peace, Wibo Lammerts, your legacy in music and in the hearts of those who knew you would endure. His postmortal album „When humans ruled the world" was released on U-Trax Records and the Transhumanism Collective paid tribute to him with the track „Immortal", consisting of produced parts of an unfinished track.

Commemoration of U-Trax When humans ruled the earth


Everything that distinguishes the aforementioned artists individually is cumulatively embodied in the Transhumanism Collective - a passion for music, and a devotion to Electro. Whether in solo endeavours or as a collective, their productions and remixes find their way into the cases and playlists of renowned DJs, including but not limited to Dave Clarke, Maceo Plex Helena Hauff, Alienata, Umwelt, Juan Atkins, and DJ Stingray. With a blend of respect and laid-back vibes, the Transhumanism Collective invites you to explore the diverse facets of electronic music.
It's not just a project; it's an expression of innovation and creative mastery and a bunch of awesome guys.

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