About District

The Origin

Every city, every region has its own cultural areas, its districts as we see it, with its artists, makers, operators, institutions and local heroes and of course, its audience.

District wants to reach out to these and connect, network, exchange, support and promote in order to create new synergies. In short: Connecting arts, as our subline subsumes it.

Our Vision

The focus is on electronic music: techno, house, electro, acid. The serious stuff.
But other creative activities in the field of electronic music should also find their place, whether it's light design, visuals or graphic designs.

Our Show

District will host an online radio show on the last Friday of every month and regularly invite guest DJs.
Everything from well-known names to promising newcomers and talents might be included.

We would be happy to welcome you there.
And of course, we would also appreciate it if you could help us spread the word.

Thank you in advance and best regards...

Your District team