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Need THE perfect soundtrack for this calm and cosy Friday evening?

We're more than happy to once again welcome our very own Sebastian Rebig behind the wheels of steel. So, enjoy this musical story through some warm, deep and emotional Spring vibes - narrated by a truly passionate DJ and collector who knows his craft.

Some words about the artists:

For Sebastian, Vinyl has always been his true love when it comes to DJing. Musically, he mostly moves between underground house and techno. His timeless sets, influenced by deepness, groove, and soul, flow endlessly and are characterized by individuality and diversity. Influences from Detroit and Chicago, tracing back to the roots, are clearly recognizable.

In 2000, Sebastian Rebig started organizing parties with friends to provide a platform for himself and others. He has been responsible for event series such as "Fundus", "Extd", "Parat", "u_grund", "Ping Pong", "GrooveBoxv, "Housebrause", "listen!", and "4 2 the floor".

In addition to well-known regional clubs like "Cube", "Golzheim", "Goethebunker", "Mauke", "Rotunde", "Schlachthof", "Artheater", and "Forum", he also played in internationally renowned venues such as the "TRESOR West", the "Watergate", and "Bar 25".

Until its closure in January 2023, Sebastian was a resident DJ and organizer at the Golzheim Club in Düsseldorf.

Since April 2023 Sebastian is a member of our artist collective.

Latest Streams


010 w/ Drivetrain

Updated: December 29, 2023

District Stream 010, 29.12.2023 with Drivetrain, playing tracks and remixes by Dave Clarke, Bruce Zalcer, Mistress Barbara, Yan Cook, Avion, Jan Ho, Flug and many more.

009 w/ DJ Shipwrec

Updated: November 30, 2023

District Stream 009, 30.11.2023 with DJ Shipwrec, playing tracks and remixes by E.R.P., Sound Synthesis, 214, Drexciya, The Exaltics, Robodroid, Andrew Red Hand, Ultradyne, Alpha Visitor and many more