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Once again we made it happen!

We're glad to announce that on May 31 we welcome co-founder and runner of District - connecting arts, Sic Electronica ( @sictronic ) behind the decks again.

The Cologne-based DJ is known for delivering long and extensive sets that stand out through a huge variety of electrifying tracks while at the same time exploring the spheres of electronic music, focussing on tronic beats and lectro sounds.

His sets are characterized by punching and groovy electro tracks, which can have a beat-heavy dark and industrial character as well as harmonic and deep moods, often in combination with some serious acid tunes.

Beside that he´s deep into electronic music in general, in particular the classic 4 to the floor sound of Techno, Acid and High-Tech-Soul driven and guided by understatement, quality and passion.

To quicken your appetite here's some more information about Sic Electronica:

Sic Electronica @Youtube Sic Electronica @Facebook Sic Electronica @Soundcloud Sic Electronica @Resident Advisor

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015 w/ Sic Electronica

Updated: May 31, 2024

District Stream 015, 31.05.2024 with Sic Electronica, playing tracks and remixes by Gerwin Van Engelenburg, Acidulant, Alonso Gonzalez, Obergmann, Carl Finlow, Random XS, Drivetrain, 214, Morgan Geist and many more.