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Once again we made it happen!

Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain will set the studio on fire for the second time and for those of you who remember our December episode, you know what this Detroit legend is capable of. For those who missed it, check this out.

This is gonna be a very exclusive Soiree Records International Label showcase so expect a few gems from a prestigious track forge in Detroit, curated and mixed by the SRI label founder and runner himself, Drivetrain.

It's gonna be loud, it's gonna be deep and it's gonna be hot and sweaty in our tiny little studio. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to witness Drivetrain in action! Secure your spot and prepare to yourself be blown away by the unmistakable sound of Detroit. Let the beats of Motor City guide your soul on this unforgettable musical journey!

Some more details about Derrick:

As a touring DJ and performer Thompson fascinates dancefloors around the planet. His dynamic energetic mixing technique and his undeniable impeccable track selection have ignited crowds at the world´s most highly acclaimed clubs, festivals and venues.

Hailing from the iconic Motor City, Drivetrain stands as a true luminary in the world of electronic music, serving as both the manager and founder of Soiree Records International, a Detroit-based record label with a focus on underground intelligent rhythm science ranging from House, Techno, Down-Tempo, Experimental and beyond.

Soiree Records has not only provided an outlet for Thompson to release his material but has also become a musical launch pad for artists around the globe. Worldwide distribution in all formats including vinyl, digital and streaming has earned Thompson tremendous respect and notoriety in the industry.

Establishing a sister Techno label, „Xplor Music“has taken his already growing influence, to even greater levels. With an endless repertoire of quality, ground-breaking tracks, Thompson secured a continuous demand for material from both, major and independent labels around the world.

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