Daniel Osthues

Daniel Osthues, Co-Founder of District is a Vinyl DJ, music-addict and creator of the 674FM-based radio show “Addicted-2-Bass”.

 21 May, 2024


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Full Biography

Daniel Osthues, vinyl DJ and creator of the 674FM-based radio show “Addicted-2-Bass” was born in Dortmund/ Germany in 1980.
At the tender age of 14, he discovered his passion for rough Detroit Techno/Electro. From that moment on, intense digging-sessions in nearby Underground Record shops became a weekly ritual.

The passion for new music while at the same time watching his favourite DJs spin records with incredible skill soon led to the goal to be in the same position one day.

Gaining the necessary skillset over the years, he soon found himself spinning at DJ-contests and being invited to local Underground music stations as a guest DJ.

Drawing upon an expansive record collection, his sets nowadays span from classic early 90’s Cybotron informed Electro to some rare gems from the hard-hitting Berlin, Detroit & The Hague scene. He has no shortage of technical skill but in the end, it’s his selection that truly shines – putting the music itself at the forefront.

Besides having played at Golzheim, Düsseldorf, alongside Alienata (Discos Atonicos), and playing live at Open Source Radio (NL) Daniel is co-founder of District

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