Sic Electronica

The Cologne based DJ and Co-Founder of District, Sic Electronica, stands for a bright variety of electrifying tracks, exploring the spheres of Electro, Acid and Detroit-based High-Tech-Soul.

 18 August, 2023


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Full Biography

The Cologne based DJ Sic Electronica selects a bright variety of electrifying tracks, exploring the spheres of electronic music, focussing on tronic beats and lectro sounds.

His sets are characterized by punching and groovy Electro tracks, which can have a beat-heavy, dark and industrial character, as well as harmonic and deep moods, often in combination with some serious acid tunes.

Besides that, he´s into electronic music in general, in particular the classic 4 to the floor sound of Techno, Acid and High-Tech-Soul, guided by understatement, quality and passion.

It all started in the mid 90ies. Lured by the big city lights of Cologne, in particular those special Psycho Thrill weekly club nights at the legendary 42 d.p. turned out to have an unexpected impact on the musical life of Sic Electronica by teaching sustainable lessons and being a stylistic compass in electronic music. At the same time, those unforgettable nights became responsible for everything that came afterwards.

Sic Electronica is co-founder of District and also connected to the Psycho Thrill enviroment as well as the Cologne based radio stations 674FM and SonusFM.

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