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015 w/ Sic Electronica

Updated: May 31, 2024

💡 Looks like you haven't given proper consent to watch this video. Please accept marketing cookies to view this content. 015 w/ Sic Electronica District Stream 015, 31.05.2024 with Sic Electronica, playing tracks and remixes by Gerwin Van Engelenburg, Acidulant, Alonso Gonzalez, Obergmann, Carl Finlow, Random XS,

015 w/ Sic Electronica

Updated: May 28, 2024

More Information Once again we made it happen! We're glad to announce that on May 31 we welcome co-founder and runner of District - connecting arts, Sic Electronica ( @sictronic ) behind the decks again. The Cologne-based DJ is known for delivering long and extensive sets that stand out through


Updated: May 21, 2024

Hailing from the iconic Motor City, Drivetrain stands as a true luminary in the world of electronic music, serving as both the manager and founder of Soiree Records International, a Detroit-based record label with a focus on underground intelligent rhythm science.

Special: Interview with Drivetrain

Updated: May 19, 2024

Get ready to dive deep into the world of electronic music with an exclusive interview featuring Derrick Train, better known as Drivetrain, the mastermind behind Soree Records International.

014 w/ Drivetrain

Updated: April 30, 2024

District Stream 014, 30.04.2024 with Derrick Thompson aka. Drivetrain, playing an exclusive Soiree Records International Label showcase.

Soiree Records International Label Showcase feat. Drivetrain

Updated: April 17, 2024

More Information Once again we made it happen! Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain will set the studio on fire for the second time and for those of you who remember our December episode, you know what this Detroit legend is capable of. For those who missed it, check this out. This

013 w/ Sebastian Rebig

Updated: March 29, 2024

District Stream 013, 29.03.2024 with Sebastian Rebig, playing tracks and remixes by Larry Heard, Mystic Bill, Osunlade, Next Evidence and many more.

Sebastian Rebig

Updated: March 20, 2024

More Information Need THE perfect soundtrack for this calm and cosy Friday evening? We're more than happy to once again welcome our very own Sebastian Rebig behind the wheels of steel. So, enjoy this musical story through some warm, deep and emotional Spring vibes - narrated by a

011 w/ Transhumanism Collective

Updated: January 31, 2024

District Stream 011, 31.01.2024 with the Transhumanism Collective, comprising of TFHats, Slaves of Sinus, RXmode.

010 w/ Drivetrain

Updated: December 29, 2023

District Stream 010, 29.12.2023 with Drivetrain, playing tracks and remixes by Dave Clarke, Bruce Zalcer, Mistress Barbara, Yan Cook, Avion, Jan Ho, Flug and many more.

009 w/ DJ Shipwrec

Updated: November 30, 2023

District Stream 009, 30.11.2023 with DJ Shipwrec, playing tracks and remixes by E.R.P., Sound Synthesis, 214, Drexciya, The Exaltics, Robodroid, Andrew Red Hand, Ultradyne, Alpha Visitor and many more

008 /w Patraik

Updated: October 27, 2023

District Stream 008, 27.10.2023 with Patraik, playing tracks and remixes by Dream 2 Science, Rhythm of Paradise, Rick Wade, Acasual, Danielle Arielli and many more.

007 w/ Sebastian Gummersbach

Updated: September 29, 2023

District Stream 007, 29.09.2023 with Sebastian Gummersbach, playing tracks and remixes by Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Motorcitysoul, Aubrey, Bryan Ferry, Hollis P. Monroe and many more.

006 w/ DJ Feryne

Updated: August 27, 2023

District Stream 006, 27.08.2023 with DJ Feryne, playing tracks and remixes by MAS 2008, ADJ, Solar Chrome, Djedjotronic, kan3da, AS1, Zeta Reticula, The Exaltics, TFHats and many more.